Soft Tampons Normal Professional Box of 50

€ 36,50
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  • Soft tampons give you the wearing comfort where otherwise visible hygiene products disturb.
  • Product dimensions 22,7 x 7,3 x 28 cm
  • Product weight 310 gram
  • Materials Foam

Delivery time: 5 - 7 Workdays

Discover your threadless freedom now!
Soft tampons are the ideal complement to conventional tampons. Swimming, sauna, sports, nudism and intimate intercourse no longer have to fall victim to the natural cycle thanks to Soft-Tampons. When you have your period and still want to have fun while swimming or doing sports, simply use Soft Tampons instead of traditional tampons or pads. Soft tampons are ultra-soft, flexible and do not require a tether, and they adapt to your female anatomy.

Category: Feminine hygiene
SKU: J-12210