Return shipment

Returns if you are not satisfied

If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with an item you have ordered, please click on the following button to go to the returns form.

Return unwanted items

Reasons for dissatisfaction

You have changed your mind and no longer wish to keep the product.

You are not satisfied with the look or style of the product and would like to return it.

You have chosen the wrong size or the product you ordered does not fit.

You are not satisfied with the color of the product or the color is different than you imagined.

You have ordered the wrong product and want to return it.

Returns in the event of faults/defects

If your ordered item is faulty or has another defect, please click on the following button to access the form.

Returning defective items

Reasons for a fault or defect

The product was damaged during shipping, making it unusable or technically limited in function.

Many products are handmade and may vary slightly in color or weight, but sometimes larger deviations may occur.

A part of the product or accessory that should be included in the product packaging is missing or was not supplied.

The product does not function properly, for example it cannot be switched on or has other defects that impair its use.

You have received a different product than the one you ordered.