Scandal Collar Body Restraint Black

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  • For SM games
  • Total length: collar: 50.75 cm - strap: 116.75 cm
  • Material: polyester, polypropylene
Item out of stock

Imagine your lover binding your arms tightly to your body, and you feel that sweet shiver of anticipation as the chains brush over your skin. The Scandal Collar Body Restraint is an incredibly sensual bondage system that will hug your every curve and electrify your senses as you wait to do your Master's bidding. This luxurious collar comes with universal cuffs and three different levels of bondage, so your Dominant can decide how much you're allowed to move around while he's having his way with you. The reversible design means your hands can be cuffed in front of your chest or tied behind your back. The collar and cuffs are soft and plush inside to keep you comfortable during a long session of pleasure, play and punishment. The red and black designer fabric looks beautiful around your neck and wrists, making your dominance lustful and playful. The wrist cuffs are fully removable so you can use them with or without the full body restraint. If you're ready to relinquish control and enjoy the heightened sensations of touch, sight and smell that come from bondage, this e Scandal Collar Body Restraint is sure to make play with your lover even more exciting. Tonight, play with power, trust, pleasure and punishment by strapping on the sexy Scandal Collar Body Restraint. Total length: Collar: 50.75 cm - Strap: 116.75 cm / Material: Polyester, Polypropylene

Manufacturer: CalExotics
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