Sweet Smile 3 Kegel Training B

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Set of 3 loveballs for perfect training of the pelvic muscle - in 3 Different sizes


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Stimulation and a workout for beginners and experts!
Set of 3 love balls with a pronounced, stimulating texture. They are also in different sizes and weights:
1 x love ball SMALL Complete length 13.5 cm, Ø 3.8 cm, weight 62 g.
1 x love ball duo MEDIUM Complete length 16.8 cm, Ø of each ball 2.9 cm, weight 79 g.
1 x love ball duo LARGE Complete length 18.5 cm, Ø of each ball 3.4 cm, weight 92 g.
All the love balls have stretchy retrieval straps. The balls are covered in soft silicone and feel great against the skin and when they are being worn. There are weights inside that rotate quietly to provide exciting stimulation. They are also great for effective pelvic floor muscle training too.

Silicone, PU.
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