Scandal Bar Gag Black

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  • Ideal for bondage games
  • Dimensions: 134.5 cm
  • Material: Polyester

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The Scandal Bar Gag offers an incredibly naughty and sensual way to explore your secret desires. The firm yet pliable bar makes wearing the gag comfortable without sacrificing the bliss of communicating only through your squeezing hands, trembling body and ecstatic moans. You will love the rush of trusting your lover to have full control over your senses, both pleasure and pain. Talk through the gag and watch him delight in the sound of your muffled words and suppressed moans as you both go wild with pleasure. Power play is the kind of primal, sexy and adventurous thing that can spice up the bedroom and haunt you with memories of ecstasy for days to come. It will take you there with its exquisitely designed double padded strap that provides both comfort and unbeatable support. Bring your hidden desires to life by tying the luxurious red and black brocade fabric around your lover's neck. Treat him to an evening of ecstasy or hours of pleasure until he clings to you just before release. Feel your senses sharpen and explore with your partner as you learn to communicate with nothing but your touch and the sound of your moans. Dimensions: 134.5 cm / Material: polyester

Manufacturer: CalExotics
Category: Bite bars
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