Crotchless Pleasure PearlsXL-X

€ 23,50
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  • Thong with insertable anal plug
  • In the crotch with double pearl chain
  • Enjoy completely discreet stimulation
  • Can also be worn during sex
  • Slippery plug made of silicone

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A beautiful string with an arousing secret!
Crotchless Pleasure Pearls from HookUp Panties is a string without a bum string. It has two rows of pearls over the crotch and an included butt plug which is attached to the string. The string has a wide, comfortable striped waistband and doesnt have a bum string. The string is held in place by the plug that is attached to the loop. The plug gets gently pulled and tugged every time a person moves - the anal area gets stimulated in an exciting way. What a very discreet pleasure! The two rows of pearls over the crotch also provide additional, exciting stimulation. They can also stimulate the penis during sex!

String suitable for size XL to XXL.
90% polyester, 10% spandex.
Plug 9.4 cm long, base 6.1 cm wide, insertion length 6.6 cm, Ø max. 3 cm.

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