Crotchless Pleasure Pearls S-L

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  • Thong with insertable anal plug
  • In the crotch with double pearl chain
  • Enjoy completely discreet stimulation
  • Can also be worn during sex
  • Slippery plug made of silicone
Item out of stock

A beautiful string with an arousing secret!
Crotchless Pleasure Pearls from HookUp Panties is a string without a bum string. It has two rows of pearls over the crotch and an included butt plug which is attached to the string. The string has a wide, comfortable striped waistband and doesnt have a bum string. The string is held in place by the plug that is attached to the loop. The plug gets gently pulled and tugged every time a person moves - the anal area gets stimulated in an exciting way. What a very discreet pleasure! The two rows of pearls over the crotch also provide additional, exciting stimulation. They can also stimulate the penis during sex!

String suitable for size S to L.
90% polyester, 10% spandex.
Plug 9.4 cm long, base 6.1 cm wide, insertion length 6.6 cm, Ø max. 3 cm.

Manufacturer: HOOKUP PANTIES
Category: Sets
SKU: 5463640000